A Prayer For Today is a video used to introduce new comers to the DoYouReallyBelieve blog. Through a prayer for the website it puts it’s purpose, hopes, and aspirations on display for readers to see what is at the core of DoYouReallyBelieve.

The Cups shows Glenn Reese, a local pastor at Chets Creek Church, presenting the Gospel in a simple and elegant way. He uses the visual of cups to show how the relationship between humanity and the trinity takes place. DoYouReallyBelieve wanted to make a video that showed the gospel being presented in a way that was easy to understand and something that people would want to watch, so we met with Pastor Reese and came up with The Cups. Pastor Reese has been using the cup metaphor for the gospel for quite sometime so when we took to filming this simple visual matched with Reese’s knowledge was the perfect opportunity.